rin art association

2023.11.5(Sun.) - 12.24(Sun)

collection #07

The central theme of the exhibition “collection #07 “ explores the profound intersection of art and everyday objects, inviting viewers to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beauty within the mundane, and the concealed exception in daily life. Franz West reimagines everyday objects as interactive and captivating sculptures, while Helen Martin evokes nostalgia and prompts a reevaluation of the mundane through repurposing and reimagining them. Rachel Whiteread’s work captures the essence of negative space, revealing hidden narratives and histories within the everyday. Ryan Gander playfully challenges the banal aspects of contemporary life, blurring boundaries with a conceptual approach, using humor and wit to engage viewers. Alongside, Neïl Beloufa offers a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection of technology, art, and daily life. This exceptional collection of renowned artists invites viewers to embark on a journey that blurs the lines between art and the fabric of everyday existence.


Franz West & Andreas Reiter Raabe, Rayan Gander, Neil Beloufa, Rachel Whiteread, Helen Marten

press_collection #07