rin art association

2024.4.7(Sun.) - 6.2(Sun)

collection #08

rin art association is pleased to present “collection #08”.

This exhibition, which is held together with Natsuki Takayama’s solo exhibition, features works by seven female artists: Saya Okubo, Mari Katayama, Rikako Kawauchi, Arisa Kumagai, Fumika Tsuchitori, Saya Murakami, and Nami Yokoyama, all of whom express “the form of love” in their own ways.

Saya Murakami uses copperplate engraving skill to heal emotional wounds while Mari Katayama, expresses the transformation of love from self to others using self-portrait techniques through the act of touching her own body. Rikako Kawauchi uses lines of ephemeral drawings to create paintings, sculptures, and various other forms of expression on the theme of communication with various things, while Saya Okubo reveals various “forms” through contours newly extracted from the drawing lines drawn in multiple layers as if memories are overlapped. Arisa Kumagai’s painstaking machete and melancholy colors express her feelings for her subject, while Fumika Tsuchitori’s “I and you” reveals the distance between people through a fantastical screen. Nami Yokoyama’s “LOVE” tells the viewer an intimate story of her dog, Love, through 2 related works consist of a painting of neon series and a sculpture.

We hope this exhibition will provide an opportunity for viewers to experience the various “forms of love” by Japan’s seven leading female artists as they reflect on their own feelings.



Saya Okubo, Mari Katayama, Rikako, Kawauchi, Arisa Kumagai, Fumika Tsuchitori, Saki Murakami, Nami Yokoyama