rin art association

2024.4.7(Sun.) - 6.2(Sun)

Piled up high,running water

Natsuki Takayama

rin art association is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Natsuki Takayama titled “Piled up high, running water”.

Natsuki Takayama’s paintings are created by using multiple layers of colors drawn with a syringe and delicately scraped off with a carving knife, as if she is searching for the unknown colors hidden within (Using tactile or sculptural techniques, a worldview is created in which people, animals, objects, and the environment become one, which has faded in the modern age.) The background of her work is her strong desire to restore the effective relationship between humans and other objects in a world that various things have become disconnected due to the development of information media and electronic devices.

This exhibition composed of two groups of works. The first is a series of paintings that evoke nature, such as rock surfaces, painstakingly created through a dialogue with the material of white Japanese marble, which transforms itself through repeated decomposition and mixing. The other, created from fragments of geological strata, is a ceramic work that she has been working on in recent years.

We hope you will take this opportunity to view Natsuki Takayama’s works, which question the significance of connection.