rin art association

2024.1.14(Sun.) - 3.10(Sun)


Yusuke Yamatani

rin art association is pleased to present Doors, a solo exhibition by Yusuke Yamatani.

Yusuke Yamatani has been active as a photographer since his debut in 2013 with his self-published photo book ‘Tsugi no yoru e’, which intensely and momentarily documented the youth culture surrounding him.

The current exhibition ‘Doors’ will be an ongoing performance work since its release in 2018.

The performance is performed using the drums he has been playing since he was a teenager, and with a device originally developed by Yamatani, sensors react to the vibrations of the sticks he plays gluing them to the drumhead, and the shutters of several cameras placed in front of the drums are triggered, and in the darkness, countless The act of photography takes place live, with flashes burning.

The photographic images record the self-portrait of the artist playing the drums single-mindedly and the participating viewers, which are continuously output from several printers installed nearby, bringing a sense of unity to the scene in an even more interactive way. Yamatani says that he hopes to continue this performance even in his old age, as long as he continues his creative activities. The countless flashes of light in the darkness are the gaze searching for the truth, and in them we can see Yamatani’s ever-changing, struggling approach to the truth, and by recording it (memory), a new time is added to this act.


The performance will take place on the first day of the exhibition, followed by the exhibition of the completed works as traces of the performance.