rin art association

2024.1.14(Sun.) - 3.10(Sun)


Mineki Murata

rin art association is pleased to present Out-of-body, a solo exhibition by Mineki Murata. Mineki Murata has been continuously performing mainly with drawings since the beginning of his career. His performance for his graduation project at university, in which he ate a pencil and spat out a large number of words he could not chew and swallow as drawings, attracted a great deal of attention at the time. Since then, he has been highly acclaimed both nationally and internationally for his numerous performance works in which he uses a biro to deliver his words live to the viewer through the act of drawing, which is themed around the consideration of the word ‘kaku(writing)’. Although his work has developed with increasing intensity due to the Corona disaster and his inability to present performances, performance is still at the heart of his work. In this exhibition, he adds current actions (effects) to his recent masterpiece, a complex performance using a TV monitor, shirt and guitar, to give a bird’s-eye view of his past actions and the flow of time in the present. By switching from a subjective to a bird’s eye view of himself, the way he sees various things will change. Please take this opportunity to experience Mineki Murata’s new frontier as a performer.


*The installation will be completed with a performance on the first day of the exhibition, followed by an exhibition of the works as traces.