rin art association

2024.7.5(Fri.) - 7(Sun)

Tokyo Gendai 2024

Hiraku Suzuki

rin art association is delighted to announce its  participation in Tokyo Gendai 2024.

In addition, Kengo Kito will exhibit “Lines,” an installation work that he has been developing continuously in recent years, in the installation section Sato ‘Meadow’ at the same venue.

We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

rin art association  Booth : H14

Vernissage : 4. Juli. 2024    17:00-20:00

Public Days : 5-6 Jul. 2024     11:00-18:00   /   7 Jul. 2024 11:00-17:00

Venue : Pacifico Yokohama

Tokyo Gendai 2024 Official website:https://tokyogendai.com

Presenting works by : Hiraku Suzuki