rin art association

2022.4.3(Sun.) - 6.5(Sun)

To the Enneades

Yoshio Shirakawa

 We will hold the exhibition “To the Enneades” by Yoshio Shirakawa here at rin art association.  Shirakawa studied art and philosophy in France and Germany during the 1970s. In 1983, he returned to Japan and settled in Gunma. Undertaking a rigorous approach to issues around regional, marginal and minor communities, Shirakawa’s practice has been focused on activities directly linked to regional histories, cultures, and economies. Also, he has conducted research and authored numerous writings on contemporary art history, constantly developing criticism and revaluation of the dominant historical views and discourses. For this exhibition, while using a lot of mundane materials, Shirakawa will present a group of new works that are light and precise in the composition and arrangement of colors, and explores the charm and possibilities of sculpture, as he has continuously pursued through his works until today.



Installation View