rin art association

2022.8.27(Sat.) - 10.16(Sun)

When you hear the sound of feathers

Toshihiko Mitsuya

We will hold the exhibition “ When you hear the sound of feathers” by Toshihiko Mitsuya here at rin art association.
Since his childhood, Mitsuya has been playing and making sculptures using kitchen aluminum foil as part of his work. His installation “The indignant” , which aligned 300 sculptures and is considered to be a reconstruction of his childhood, won the TARO Award 2010 for Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art.
After moving to Germany, he used 0.2mm thick aluminum foil to create more complex and elaborate sculptures. In “the Aluminum garden – Structural studies of Plants” which he started working on from 2014, he has been studying the structure of plants, and formed the organic garden with sculptures of various plant motifs.
For this exhibition, by using 2 floors of the gallery, we exhibit new sculptures and relief works which would create reflections responding to the surrounding environment by using mirror-finished aluminum foil. Also, two-dimensional works carved on stainless steel with a grinder will be presented.



Installation View