rin art association

2022.10.30(Sun.) - 12.25(Sun)

I’ m back again

Tsuyoshi Higashijima

We will hold Tsuyoshi Higashijima’s solo exhibition “Tsuyoshi Higashijima / I’m back again” here at rin art association. Higashijima’s scale is unmatched by Japanese artists, and he has continued to create large-scale works that overwhelm viewers. By liberating viewer’s senses from the framework of everyday life, he presents and redefines the origins of bodily sensations and images. In this exhibition, in addition to the approach to the painting that he has worked on so far, he will present ceramic sculpture works using clay as a new material. The concept of ceramic sculptures began three years ago, and he has completed about 120 pieces including prototypes until today. During this time, he has also completed a new series of paintings based on the theme of “ambiguous virtue,” which he has consistently pursued. They are related to each other and can be freely move within 2D and 3D. However, for Higashijima, this unique attempt is nothing more than a turning point toward the future, and it is always in the middle of a scrap and build process. This time, we will have an exhibition that makes use of all three floors of the gallery. Each floor is constructed with our desire to capture the moment of the production site. The present of painting that he came back. We hope you will be able to witness the exhibition and think deeply about each life. 


Installation View