rin art association

2023.1.22(Sun.) - 3.19(Sun)

Back to the Future


rin art association is pleased to present “Back to the Future,” a solo exhibition by yang02. yang02 has been examining the nature of governance systems in the digital society through his sculptural performances in space using the latest technology. Autonomous devices that appear in his works, such as a Segway for viewing art works and a drawing machine with a machine learning program, cross the intersection of thought and art, questioning the human body and the subjectivity of expression.

The exhibition, titled “Back to the Future,” explores behind the scenes of various ambitions and desires people have under the symbolism of the sophisticated luxury car. Questioning the linear, developmental view of history that moves toward the ideal, the work depicts the parallel nature of history, in which tragedies that we try to forget as events of the past are rekindled. The speakers in the car’s body, which evoke a sense of accelerated speed, are filled with casual conversations between a parent and son.


Installation View